La Shuks


A little More of the Story:

When EXACTLY do the scenes within La Shuks artworks take place? (I hear you wonder.) 

Well, I thought it best to answer this by means of a simple timeline of bite-sized diagrams: 

1: Present Day: Billions of people inhabiting the earth, all busily selling their brands, creating logos and adverts to get noticed.

2: Fast Forward to the distant future: the earth is now overflowing with even more branding, logos and advertising. More people, more advertising, more more more!

3: Fast Forward to thousands of years further on from the distant future... and human beings no longer inhabit the earth... but all of their imagery, branding, buzzwords and logos remain.

4: Fast Forward again, to a million years on from thousands of years after the distant future..... (is everyone still following this?) and something unbelievable has happened; All the creations leftover from ancient human times, have long since lost their original meaning, gradually become engrained in the natural elements... and eventually begun to evolve, fuse together, mutate and even grow consciousness themseves...

This is when La Shuks was born!